Ethics and transparency

Farmaceutici Caber, being aware to play a role in the creation of a more and more modern health system for the benefit of citizens’ health, models its conduct on principles of ethics and transparency.

Relationship with stakeholders

Farmaceutici CABER deems it essential to establish an ethic, loyal and transparent relationship with its counterparts, either Healthcare operators, Institutions, Citizens, Collaborators or commercial Partners.

On this basis, the Company operates in accordance with current rules and regulations, professional ethics and internal policies. Even if it is not a member of Farmindustria, Farmaceutici CABER operates in accordance with the current rules and regulations, professional ethics, internal policies and Code of Conduct of this association.

Based on the ethical principles driving its actions and in order to satisfy the more and more pressing and continuous expectations of legality and transparency expressed by both Citizens and Institutions, Farmaceutici CABER has adhered with conviction to the EFPIA Code (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations), whose contents have been included in the Code of Conduct of Farmindustria.

The correct and positive relationship established between Pharmaceutical Industry and Healthcare Professionals (HCP: Healthcare Professionals) and/or Healthcare Organisations (HCO: Heathcare Organisations) has always lead to research and develop innovative therapies, aimed at safeguarding one of the fundamental and constitutionally guaranteed Citizens’ rights, i.e. the right to health. In fact, it is useful to highlight that the Transfers of Value between the pharmaceutical Industry and the medical Community, which the EFPIA Code refers to, cannot and should not be exclusively considered as transfers of economic nature; they also convey the mutual transfer of a much important value, i.e. the scientific knowledge, for the benefit of Citizens/Patients.

he cooperation between pharmaceutical Industry, healthcare Operators and healthcare Organisations, already well regulated by the current legislation, becomes even more transparent thanks to the application of the EFPIA Code.

Such further transparency in relationships shall consolidate the basis for the future collaborations and lead to further benefits for Citizens/Patients that, having the opportunity to know the contents of such relationships, shall be in the condition to receive the proposed treatments with greater trust and awareness.

The Transfers of Value

The Transfers of Value, which data publication is requested for, are those relative to the participation to Events (Conventions, Congresses, Visits to production plants…), consulting and professional services, donations and contributions, research and development (clinical, non-clinical and prospective observational studies).