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Farmaceutici Caber:

The story that brought us to you

Founded in the heart of Italy, in Ravenna, in 1945, we have proudly remained in our country, deeply rooted in traditional Italian quality.


Over the years, our dedication and close ties with the medical community have shaped us into a nationally recognized entity, allowing us to broaden our horizons and continuously grow.


Today, our team consists of approximately 130 members, and we are a part of the Savio Group, one of Italy’s foremost pharmaceutical companies. We are united and dedicated to being a cornerstone for both General Practitioners and Patients.

Farmaceutici Caber in figures

Each number reflects the dedication of our team and our synergy with the medical community: two fundamental pillars of our success.

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Empathic listening and proximity:

guiding every action


We listen to Doctors and Patients not only with our ears but with our hearts, standing by their side to provide tailored therapeutic solutions that meet their unique needs.


Our goal is to be a reliable focal point for Doctors and Patients, consistently providing effective and trustworthy solutions that enhance therapeutic adherence.

We promote behavior that adheres to legal standards and is ethical, proper, and respectful of colleague relationships and the interests of all stakeholders

Our headquarters


Via del Mare, 36
00071 Pomezia (RM) ITALY