Our History

Relive our History, stage by stage

Explore six pivotal dates: a journey through time to discover our origins, achievements, and future directions.


Our origins

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Farmaceutici Caber was established in Ravenna by a pioneering group of pharmacists dedicated to bringing their galenic preparations from the laboratory to the market.

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In a venture started with his friend Antonio, Emilio Stefanelli acquired Farmaceutici Caber, setting the groundwork for what would become a leading force in the Italian pharmaceutical industry.


Building the roots of the SAVIO Group


The years of our growth

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During these years, we forged significant collaborations with prestigious partners and secured important product licenses for treating common diseases in Italy. We have also established a substantial network for scientific medical information.

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Our headquarters moved to a state-of-the-art industrial complex in Pomezia, in the province of Rome, consolidating the Group’s operations under one roof.


We move to Pomezia


the birth of SAVIO Group

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Following an extensive corporate restructuring process that unified several pharmaceutical entities under the Stefanelli family’s leadership, the SAVIO Group was established. As an embodiment of Italian excellence, the Group spans research and development, production, marketing, and medical scientific information. Farmaceutici Caber, within the Group, positions itself as a key partner to family doctors.

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With the “Caber Next” project, we are making significant strides forward. We are committed to building a more responsive and dynamic entity to meet current health needs and training a new generation of Scientific Drug Informants. Our focus continues to evolve towards enhancing support and proximity to Family Physicians, thereby improving services for Patients.


the “Caber Next” project